Monday, October 4, 2010


So I try to update the blog every Monday to provide some form of consistency for my "readers" (haha who even reads this?!). But today I don't feel like I have one topic I want to focus on so let them randomness ensue.

In a semi-spur of the moment decision I got bangs. Hilary cuts hair so I asked her to trim my ends and give me hot bangs. So she did. I like them a lot!! Hilary has also been cooking for me A LOT. I pretty much love her. Her boyfriend Meade has a little girl named Aubrey who is 4 and comes over a lot. We play games, Barbies and dress up. Pretty much heaven.

Movies to see: The Social Network and Catfish. Catfish is playing at Tempe Marketplace and I am DYING to go. I may just go by myself. I've done that twice before (once for Twilight and once for Despicable Me) and it was surprisingly enjoyable. I know I'm weird.

General Conference was great. My goal this week is to watch a talk on TV each night and take notes. I've been doing really well with my scripture study (under things to do under one of my goals... have I talked about my three latest goals??) and feeling a lot closer to my Heavenly Father. I find that when I devote a half hour- hour of genuine study, thought, prayer, journal writing, etc. I get so much more out of my study. Also, beginning and ending study with a heartfelt prayer can make such a remarkable difference. I've never taken notes during study before (FAIL) so I'm glad I will have all of these thoughts and insights to look back on! My favorite part about conference was probably all of the thoughts on agency. So many people looking into our religion view it as restrictive, when in fact, it will set you free. We all have agency. We can control our choices completely, but not their consequences. I've never felt happier or more unrestricted than when I follow Heavenly Father's commandments. He wants us to be happy and He loves each and every one of us so much.

Mom's birthday was last week. She is 46 (don't kill me madre) and looks SOOOOO beautiful. She is one hot mama and I love her so much. I made this sinful chocolate/Reeses cake for her which I hope she liked. She and Mary are going to NYC next week and I am soo flippin jealous. When I turned 16 my bday present was a trip to New York and Mary is sort of getting the same, even though she is turning 17. I wish I could go!! Mary's birthday is tomorrow and she is really excited about it. I feel weird that she will be 17... Heck, I feel weird that I am 22.

Soooo the hunt is on for a new car. I want something smaller, newer, better fuel mileage, less miles. So Crush is getting a detail within the next few weeks and his windows fixed. I asked dad to keep his eyes open. I'll probably do a trade-in and upgrade. I'm looking at Mini Coopers, Jetta, Honda Fit, Yaris and the SmartCar (dad does not approve). Feel free to offer tips and suggestions. Padre is pretty much the bomb at these sorts of things so I'm relying on him to lead me through this process. We did this two years ago but did not come out unscathed. It was a really stressful time but I'm hoping by getting ahead of the game this time it won't be as crazy. Within the next six months I'd like to have my new baby. I will miss you Crush. You will definitely get a dedicated post to you and your two years of loyal service. But it is time to move on, be more responsible... Even though the new baby has gotta have personality, am I right? One thing I'm not looking forward to: a car payment. Crush has been paid off since six months after I got him. Sighhh.

Along with a complete and total attitude change (adversity is always a good thing for me) I'm doing well! Work is going a lot better, my boss has been great.

Also, I need to take pictures. My camera is laaaaaaame so I never bring it anywhere. But my posts need a lil' more color.

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