Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Colors & Good Movies

I hope everyone enjoyed my last post, those quotes really inspired me. Now it's time again for... RANDOM MONDAY. Okay here goes.

Fall/Winter is the very best time for falling in love. If I don't have at least a small love interest this season I will be severely disappointed. "A girl likes to be crossed in love now and then" -Pride & Prejudice. There's just something about the feel, the weather, the colors, the holidays-- makes me feel so romantic. Sighhh.

I. Love. The. Scriptures. I can't even begin to describe the deep appreciation and love I have for sacred text which our Heavenly Father gave to us to feel closer to Him. Spending 15-30 prayerful, meaningful minutes each night reading the scriptures has strengthened my testimony so much. I've been inspired to be so much better and I love every minute of it. I've also been watching a conference talk each night, taking notes and praying about its personal meaning to me. You should do the same! It's incredible the different messages we can glean from the same exact talk.

Up is quite possibly the cutest movie ever. I watched it the other night with Ellie and found myself laughing and crying throughout its duration. I want a chubster little Asian child to be mine.

This weekend was really good!! My favorite part? Hmmmm. Trying out a new restaurant, exploring downtown Scottsdale and having meaningful conversations outside with a friend in crisp, Fall weather. You could even see the stars.

I am getting sick. It is probably this slow but steady weather change. I've been sleeping incredible amounts (even for me) and have a scratchy throat and stuffy nose. Ick! Vitamin C time. I remember last summer Abby used to make me have Vitamin C every morning. What a cute little girl.

I have a sexy body (rare good self-esteem day, let's capitalize on it, shall we?). Love what you are given. Find the time to appreciate the body that God gave you. You are a built a certain way for a certain reason. Love who you are. (my biggest personal struggle).

Work is going surprisingly well. These past few weeks have been so amazing and so awful all at the same time. I'm grateful I'm goal-oriented and working positively toward my righteous desires.

Peace. Love.

Whitney Anne Willis

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