Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Monday!

You know what a good feeling is?? When your clothes are too big for you and all of your hard work finally pays off. Okay, so I cheated quite a bit this past week on the diet :/ And I may have only lost one pound. But that's okay cause I look and feel great. This is my last week and I intend to make it count! It is my goal to work out HARD every day, follow the diet protocol and lose my last four pounds. Then I think I'll wait a few months and do another round, but it all depends on how I feel.

This weekend was so much fun. On Friday I saw a movie with my cousin Phylicia. Though the movie was dumb (Easy A, stay away) I always enjoy spending time with her. Saturday Kelly and I went out to lunch and got our toes done. Mine are a really bright pink with black zebra stripes. Hot stuff! That night I spent time with Mike and Tanner. I love those boys. It was so fun to spend one on one time with them and learn more about what makes them tick (I love analyzing people). Also glad I got to see my parents. My mom is so annoyed with me lately cause apparently I never answer her texts, phone calls or e-mails. Whatevs mother, you know I love you. <3

Anyways, I'm happy. Really happy. Wanna know why?? Nice try. I'm not even telling.


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