Friday, September 3, 2010

Dear Edamame,

How is it possible that you are so healthy and so delicious- all at the same time?! I know I've made fun of my mom for ordering edamame alone at restaurants, but I'm starting to see her ways. I bought a bunch of frozen bags and I am going through them like crazy. They are really healthy and low in fat, fitting nicely into my diet. However, the copious amounts I am eating probably does not :)
But oh well, edamame, because I am buying more of you. And I am taking you on our trip this weekend, along with all of my other diet food. Sigh. My family will probably be eating yummy food all weekend and I will not be able to join in.

But that's okay. Because, dear friend- the edamame, I have you.
P.S. Kathleen, remember when we made a trip to Wal-Mart last summer JUST because you had a craving for edamame? Btw, curse you Wal-Mart.

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Miss Amy said...

COSTCO FROZEN INDIVIDUAL BAGS!!!!!!! they will change your life, if they haven't already :)