Monday, April 20, 2015

My Dream Home

I've been thinking a lot about my future home lately. You know, the house that I will share with my future family someday.

First off, I would love a cute older house with lots of charm (and updates) inside. My style is very shabby chic. 

55 Different Front Door Inspiration Ideas {in just about every paint color possible} - bystephanielynn

I would love the walls to be filled with my children's artwork & photos of Christ and temples. I want my children to know how important they are to me and how important my faith is to me.

My house will be as clean as I can keep it, I know that much about me! I also know there will be dirty dishes, crumbs everywhere and little fingerprint smudges all over my counter tops. I hope this teaches me to let go.

beautiful clean, white kitchen

There will be a painted old piano for the kiddos to learn to play on and I hope there is music always. 


I hope it's a place where all of the neighborhood kids want to play - brimming with excitement and fun. I hope there's always hot cookies in the oven (courtesy of me) and full bellies all around. I hope there's much laughter and joy. 

Most importantly though, I want my house to be filled with the Spirit of God. I want all those who enter my home to feel safe, calm and comforted. Now that is my dream home.

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Van Lucas said...

You certainly have gorgeous inspirations for you dream home, Whitney. And I love the idea of having a rustic upright piano for the kids! All of the details, especially the wall filled with art prints, make it seem whimsical and cozy. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be able to materialize that dream soon. Just make sure to let us know when you do. All the best!

Van Lucas @ JPC Custom Homes