Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mary's Gender Reveal Party

When we found out Mary was pregnant, I offered to through her a gender reveal party. After a lot of research, I decided to order cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy (my absolute favorite cupcakes!) with pink or blue on the inside.

On Wednesday last week, I went with Mary and Michael to their ultrasound to make sure they didn't peek! I was the only one to find out the gender early (to arrange the cupcakes) and I bawled like a baby when I found out.

My mom hosted the party at her house and did a TON. She really hosted the whole thing! She covered the house in blue and pink streamers, lots of fresh flowers and little touches. 

Here are the cupcakes! Let's pretend like the question marks aren't backwards, shall we? They're chocolate and vanilla with pink and blue sprinkles on top.

"We love you Baby!" and of course pink and blue everything.

I loved the fresh flowers. Mom did the pretzel rods and M&M's and I bought Mary the cute little sign to put in her nursery.

Here's the whole table 

"Pink or Blue, We Love you!" Cutest sign that my mom got!

Here's the other table. We added a bunch of fruit and Oreo pops right when the guests arrived and I forgot to snap another picture.

Even though they had names picked out, I thought it would be fun to see suggestions. It was!

Everyone "wore their guess" with mini clothespins I found at Hobby Lobby. Love that place.

We also tallied everyone's guesses on this chalkboard but I forgot to get a finished photo.

Watch the video to find out the gender! :) 



Kathleen said...

SOOO Sweet!! :) Love all the little touches!

wllsmichelle said...

Awww-so glad you wrote about it so we don't forget about that special day. We rock and should open a party business. Lol.