Monday, July 2, 2012

Things I love:
- Ellie boo 
- Hour long private prayer sessions, where I can pour out my little heart
- Chocolate from Trader Joes
- Coconut water smoothies from Jamba
- Cold raindrops on my face early in the morning
- A new running playlist
- Star Wars marathons where I actually cry during the end of episode III
- New recipes with momma
- Summertime at the Willis house
- New ridiculously bright colored floaties (that are housed in our living room, btw)
- Aviators
- Feeling somewhat tan
- Beating Spyro on the original playstation (why, yes, i'm 23)
- Surprise bonuses at work
- Traveling for work
- Mall of America and their Tollhouse cookie spot 

Things I do NOT love:
- My roomie is moving out next month... so sad. If you know of anyone looking for a place in Scottsdale, hit me up!

I'd say I'm pretty darn blessed!



Brigitte said...

One of your newest followers :D
Seriously love your blog and your layout is AWESOME!! Love the colours :)

I used to play Spyro with my two bros when I was growing up, that and Crash Bandicoot. Thanks for making me think of those lovely gaming moments :)


katilda said...

Spyro!! hours of my childhood i tell you....hours!