Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I love little getaways. I really do. So when my sweet roommate asked a group of us to go up to her parents cabin in Pine for the long weekend, I jumped at the chance. 

The first night we got in pretty late so we just watched a movie, played games and stayed up till about 2 just talking. It's so fun getting to know other people... I really enjoy it!

Sunday morning we slept in and missed church... oops... and decided to go to Tonto National Bridge. I've been a few times when I was younger but was excited to check it out again. 

Here are the girls right before the hike. 

And the boys... that's Brad happy face just FYI.

Here we all are in the natural bridge. They made me climb to the very top and I kept slipping (I am not very graceful) and on the way back I fell HARD. My entire right leg is still hurting and I'm having a hard time walking. Not. good.

After that we went home for some lunch and I actually went to spend time with my grandpa, grandpa, aunt and cousin at their cabin in Strawberry. It was my grandma's birthday so I was glad I was there to celebrate with her. The kiddos went on a long hike to Fossil Creek and we met back up around 7 for dinner, more movies and games and lots of ridiculousness, let me tell you.

Sunday morning it was time to go home :/ so we took a few family pics outside the cabin. 

Story: Bradley told us we should take a "pioneer picture" where we're all super serious and awkward. Note the front row obeying the rules. At the last minute he decided to make us look ridiculous by posing happily in the back. Dumb boys.

We had so much fun!


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