Friday, April 20, 2012

While I'm Single

I had an epiphany of sorts last night (those seem to happen a lot around here) and I can't help but want to write it down. I'm going to share some very personal things with you, and I hope you don't mind.

I often talk about how I'm lonely or excited to fall in love, etc. Last night I realized that I'm looking at being single all wrong. Instead of preparing myself for marriage and the road ahead, I've ben bitter and wasting my time. Heavenly Father knows that there are things I need to learn before I get married. He knows I'm not ready and I know that too. So I decided to make a tangible list of what exactly I hope to accomplish before I find that special someone, so I feel prepared and ready to take the next huge step. Some may seem silly, but they are important to me and things I can be doing right now!

- Save money each month to put into savings
- Learn how to cook better
- Develop my relationship with Heavenly Father
- Be kind and gentle with everyone I meet
- Attend the temple often
- Be better at the little things: tithing, prayer, scripture study, FHE, Institute
- Start writing my novels again

AND the most important one:

- Learn to love myself for exactly who I am and believe that someone can love me too. See my true beauty (inside and out) and let that confidence emulate from me.

Well, I've got a lot to do, but I'm already feeling better. I know that God wants me to be happy and that is up to me!


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With Glitter On Top said...

I know exactly how you feel dear. Before I met my bf of nearly two years, I had been single for close to 3.5 years. I started feeling really down about it, especially bc so many people I knew were getting married or seriously dating someone. I felt like I was behind and I felt a lot of pressure bc of that. Finally I decided to stop constantly looking for love and spent time focusing on myself. When I did that, I met and fell in love with the guy I'm with now.

You have the right idea for sure, you WILL find an amazing man to share your life with, just spend this time on you and strengthening your relationship with the Lord and when the time is right the right man will come to you. :):) just keep faith!