Friday, March 16, 2012

My To-Do List

So... my lease is up April 22nd and I'm currently looking for a place to live. However, the roomie search is OVER! I think I've found my new best friend :) More on her later, though... In true Whitney fashion I'm on the hunt for cute new decorations and DIY Projects. Here are my favorites:

I'm aiming to create this exact headboard with Chantal soon. If all else fails, my second option is to just purchase this bed.

I've already purchased the bedspread above (how cute is that??) and I need ideas for cheap throw pillows. Anyone? Also, I plan on purchasing that shower curtain. Adorbs.

And... I'm dying to make that DIY canvas board and set it on my dresser.


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shirley elizabeth said...

The pillows: buy ugly ones at goodwill, throw them in the wash, make cute new covers to go over the ugly!

I counted about eight different pillow cover versions here:

And she makes it look so easy!