Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What to Do?

It is of my own personal opinion that being in your 20s for this generation is completely and totally different than it was for the generation before.

There were less choices back then, less options... and a lot less pressure. Of course, this isn't completely bad! It means that we have a world of possibility open to us. But for indecisive people like me it can be an overwhelming nightmare.

Ever since I graduated from ASU I've felt lost and confused as to what my next life steps should be. Get a job in PR and build a career? Or a different career path? Go back to school? Move somewhere new?

Well, the last few months have been even more agonizing for me. Each night I pray for peace, to know that whatever is meant to happen will become apparent to me.

I have such hopes and dreams... things I want to accomplish. Maybe now is the time to be brave, to live life with open arms. It is Valentine's Day... a day of love and possibility. Here's to the future and here's to Whitney becoming a little braver, a little wiser and a little stronger.


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