Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Sick Of...

My glasses. No really, I am about to break them in half and incinerate them. I guess more than anything I'm just tired of dealing with eye issues. Tired of buying contacts, getting eye infections from said contacts and dealing with not being able to see.

Good news: my Lasik procedure is scheduled for January 20th. Bad news: I may kill my glasses before then. You see, in order to get Lasik, you need to not wear contacts for a about a month before your procedure. For me it's been almost three months. ARRGGHHH. I can't wait for the day when I wake up and can SEE!

I am so excited. I'm not even nervous. I don't care that they're cutting my eye with a blade or that I will be awake or that they will be touching my eye with a laser. I WILL BE ABLE TO SEE!!

Those glasses may look cute but they are evillll.



Breanna said...

Good luck with your lasik surgery :) Both my future father and mother in law have had it, and they can see perfectly well!

shirley elizabeth said...

Sooo jealous. I haven't been able to wear contacts for almost two years now because they tore my eyes apart. Hopefully someday I can afford the surgery.