Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Obsessive Mommy

I'll admit it, it kind of scares me how obsessed I am with my dog. I never understood why my mom would get so upset when we would go on vacation and leave the dogs behind. She would worry about them the whole time!

Now that I have my own little pumpkin I completely understand. I raised her. We have a special bond. I get anxious being away from her for too long.

Ellie is such a sweetie.

Chewing her stick before bedtime.

The real reason it scares me it's that I know I'm going to be a crazy mom someday. Obsessive, much?


Jessica said...

I'm the same way with my new kitty!
Never thought I'd see the day, because I always gave my mom a hard time, too!

Your dog is adorable :)
Loving the pink collar (my kitten has one too!)


Holly said...

I can totally relate! My little Bella is my baby girl. She spends every evening curled up inside my robe, like a kangaroo baby. There is definitely a special bond between a woman and her little dog!