Thursday, December 29, 2011

My 2012 Resolutions

I believe there are four key areas in our lives that we have to balance, maintain and actively support in order to find true happiness. I've been thinking a lot about this lately (I've even started a book) and decided to base my New Year's Resolutions this year off these four areas. They are: emotional well-being (the heart), physical well-being (the body), mental well-being (the mind) and spiritual well-being (the spirit). Here are my four resolutions to support my happiness!

1. Emotional Goal: Make a new emotional goal each month in 2012 and see it through. Each month will be different so stay tuned!

2. Physical Goal: Maintain a healthy lifestyle by learning to cook healthier, eating healthy and exercising at least three times a week.

3. Mental Goal: Read a new book each month that teaches me something new.

4. Spiritual Goal: Pay a full tithe.

What are your 2012 goals?


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