Tuesday, November 1, 2011

That One Time I Scrambled for a Costume...

Sadly, I had all of the items in my closet that I needed to be a Gryffindor. No, I am not Hermione. I am carrying a broom... and Hermione doesn't fly. Duh.

My nerdiness truly came out as I went to work yesterday wearing this outfit (complete with cape) and yelling "GRYFFINDOR!" wherever I went.

I'm not a big Halloween fan... I don't like scary things. But I do like dressing up. :)

Did you have a good holiday? What did you go as? Did you eat lots of candy??



Michelle P said...

Haha awesome costume! I went out and celebrated this weekend. But last night I had work and class, so I couldn't celebrate.

Renee Sandoval said...

love the costume! i went as hermione the past two years..so simple & i'm a huge hp fan as well. <3