Thursday, October 20, 2011

Living Our Dreams

I feel so confused about my future.

I think it's a quarter-life crisis/early 20's kind of a thing. There is a world of opportunity open to me... and it scares me. I don't know exactly which path to take or where to go. No matter what I choose there will be consequences.

Dreams fill me up like fireflies in a mason jar. They consume me and bounce about with no rhyme or reason. Sometimes I want to move to a different country and pursue a career I've always dreamt of. Other times I feel more logical. I tell myself to stay near family and continue on this worthwhile path I'm on.

Or maybe another dream will come and distract me on my way to another. Whatever I do, I pray that Heavenly Father will guide me.

Do you ever feel like this too?


1 comment:

Laura Elizabeth said...

ALL THE TIME!!!!! I feel like my life is moving constantly from one thing to another. You are most definitely not alone in this thinking. I am so close to getting my dream of being a veterinary nurse... and know I'm like "hmm... is this what I really want to do?". Seriously, I need to make up my mind!!