Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leggings Make me Fat

Okay, so they don't make me actually "fat," but tights/leggings very often make me feel fat! I felt like blogging about this because maybe I am not alone or maybe you all have some suggestions out there!

Anyways, is it just me or do tights almost always hit the worst part of your stomach? Generally, I'd like to think my stomach isn't that big. But tights suck me in and then I get instant love handles, visible sometimes when I'm wearing fitted sweaters. Is the advice here to just buy a bigger size? Because I totally buy a size large and they fit fine on my legs... and what do you do if they are a "one size fits all" concoction? P.S. That is ridiculous because there is NO WAY one size can fit all.

Leggings are a bit easer because I feel like they're easier to slip on and generally looser. However, MANY brands (including the Target ones) have that thick elastic band that gives me love handles too!!
I'm actually quite frustrated at the whole situation if you couldn't tell by now, because: 1. I'm not fat and I don't generally have love handles. 2. Tights/leggings are essential items for winter wear and 3. This whole situation makes me feel FATTIE!!

P.S. I had pictures all set for this post but then I decided I really didn't want the world to see my stomach. LOL.

Sympathizers? Comments? Suggestions?!




Simply Mily said...

i really wish i could help but i LOVE leggings and tights!!! They make me feel slimmer than when I wear jeans and i HATE shopping for jeans =/ have you tried leggings from express or american eagle!?? they work for me....

Nikki said...

I too have this problem sometimes. What works for me, and maybe it's because I'm shorter, but I get the ones that are a little longer from the leg-junction to the waistband. That way they come up about an inch above my hips and go over where the love handles would be on hip level leggings. Or, you could get ones that go up to your waist, sure they're a bit reminiscent of the granny panty, but who's really going to see that anyway and it will make for a smooth midsection. If I get the ones that settle at the hip, it turns my small amount of extra love around my midsection into a rather large muffin top. Bleh!

Laura Elizabeth said...

I second the idea of having one that goes up to your waist, that's how I roll when I wear tights. It kind of squishes everything in. It definitely doesn't look sexy but nobody gets to see that bit with me!!!