Friday, September 2, 2011


I don't have a link up for your writing challenge this week. I haven't even had time to think or breathe this week.

I thought I should fess up... but maybe if you knew:

- My eye infection has taken a turn for the worse and I can barely see out of one eye. I'm convinced it's something horrible like a tumor.

- Our fiscal year ended on Wednesday. I can't tell you how busy/stressed I've been at work.

- I feel so far away from all of my spiritual goals.

- I keep having these lousy dreams about my exes and then I remember they're all so happy and I'm just so not. (with my dating life).

- My stomach has been hurting (and I mean HURTING) for three days straight. It feels like someone is punching me repeatedly in the tummy.

- I feel like I have no friends. (see earlier post).

So, last night... I let myself cry. I've been holding back for weeks, telling myself to just bottle up my feelings and they will go away. But they didn't. So I turned on my ipod, curled up in bed and cried. Ellie snuggled my face, licked my tears and cried a little too. Don't dogs always just KNOW how we're feeling?

So, I'm sorry I didn't do my challenge this week. I'm sorry I've been neglecting the blog. And I'm sorry for being so negative lately! I'm grateful for all of you. You life me up and inspire me to be better.


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bnfunky said...

It sounds like you are really down right now :( It is probably just the combination of feeling really sick and also being so busy at work. Get some rest on this three day weekend. Take some time for yourself and just read your Bible for a little bit and ask God to give you peace! Don't stress about your blog or writing goal :) Try to have a great weekend and get better!