Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I found: Thrifting Tuesday

I am becoming a more and more avid "thrifter."
It's slowly taking over my life, and I'm kind of crazy about it. :)

On Tuesday, Savers had their 50% everything in the store sale.
Aka "come on in, Whitney and shop to your hearts content!"

Well, I took the store up on its offer and found four cute new shirts!

#1 is my personal favorite. A denim button up with darling pockets. Soo Whitney. $2

#2 is a PERFECT shirt for work with black pants. It's from the Limited. $4

#3 is a flowy, shear shirt from Forever 21. I plan on wearing it often. $1

#4 Last but not least is my newest lumberjack shirt. $4

Who else out there loves to thrift? Share your finds! I love to see them!



Lauren said...

loved your guest post! Also, great shirts. I always buy Tristan's clothes thrifting, they grow out of them so fast. I will have to look for me next time!

Ashley said...

thatta girl! SOOOO proud!!!

Kaycie said...

Wow! Those are awesome finds! I need to get better at that thrifting thang.