Thursday, July 28, 2011

One of Those Days...

As you all very well know, I've been obsessed with thrifting lately.
So when I went to Goodwill last week, I was SO excited to find this cute black/white checkered button up shirt and the cutest big yellow sweater.

I thought they would look perfect together!

I've never been a really good fashionista, but lately I feel more confident in my clothing/fashion choices. I was so excited when I came to work this morning and everyone complimented me on my look.
About halfway through the day, Britni says, "you totally stole that sweater from Mr. Rogers."

I about died. I totally am wearing an old man sweater and didn't even realize it.


Please tell me you think this is as hilarious as I do.



anna said...

love the sweater connection... cute blog!

Ashley Michelle said...

Well that's good because EVERYONE loves Mr. Rogers :) Cute blog :)