Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Life is AWESOME

It really is.
I am seriously so incredibly blessed.

- I have the best job in the whole entire world. I think I'm happier at Make-A-Wish than I would be in any capacity for Disney. It's such a joy and blessing to help kids the way we do.

- My family is loving and supportive. They are here for me no matter what, through thick and thin.

- My friends are the best. They keep me sane... they keep me on my toes. Most of all, they take precious moments to remind me that I am loved, beautiful and talented.

- Ellie. That is all.

- My condo makes me so happy. I know it's a silly and trivial thing, but living where I live and having the chance to decorate a place the way I want to... that's been such a joy.

- Learning who I am. The past few months have been transformational for me. I've learned so many new hobbies that make me happy... and I truly feel my life is getting on a beautiful course.

- The gospel of Jesus Christ. This really should be number one on my list, because it is nearest to my heart, and the most important thing in my small but meaningful life. My life's direction has come from my testimony and my faith.

- I have an education.

- I have the monetary means to live comfortably and happy.

Seriously, so happy.

There is just one thing missing from my life... the same thing that is always missing from my life. Tonight I had a small pity party on the way home. I cried for lost love, broken hearts and not knowing what the future holds. This is the biggest and most important lesson I'll ever have to learn, and each day it seems to get harder and harder to learn it. Sometimes I feel very lonely, yearning for that someone to share the secret parts of my soul with.

I can't wait to meet you. I hope you can't wait to meet me too.



Laura Elizabeth said...

Hello, I'm a new follower to your blog! I had to come and stop by when I saw your little baby :) I'm living with a long haired version at the moment and she's the sweetest. I really loved this blog post, I think the blogging world definitely needs more like this.

Kaycie said...

You work at Make A Wish? I did that a bunch in high school, how fun! I loved working with them.