Sunday, July 24, 2011

I have a confession...

I hate dating. I absolutely, completely and utterly hate dating.
Yes, this is strange coming from the girl who plans her own wedding and seems obnoxiously outgoing. But there is just something about going on dates (whether I really know the guy or not) that gives me anxiety up the wahoo.

Some people call me picky. I guess I am. But I also think I just know what I want!

A nerd.
A worthy priesthood holder who keeps his temple covenants.
Kinda weird.
Disney-lover (or at least tolerate my obsession).
A communicator.
At least 6'0".

So my beautiful and dearest bloggie friends... here is where you step in. Help me conquer my fears! Do you have advice for me? Do you have anyone you want to set me up with? (this is just funny because my entire team at work always has the "perfect" guy for me). Just think, YOUR advice and/or amazing matchmaking skills could change my life forever.

Love you all!



Mrs. Ali said...

I think your list is great! I never really dated much cuz I got nervous too, but you'll know when you meet that special Guy. The butterflies will be different ;)

Oh and PLEASE let me know when you're gonna go through the temple! I would love to be there at your session if you don't mind? I don't wanna be creepster ish ;)

Kaycie said...

I love that you want a nerd :) That's what I got and it is wonderful!

You'll find him someday. It's hard work, but it will come.