Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guest Post: Miss Ali

Oh, my little bloggie readers... have I a treat for you today!!

It's time for our VERY FIRST guest post! And I am ecstatic that it happens to be one of my most favorite people in bloggie land.

Ali and I share a semi-ridiculous love of Disney (we both did CPs, hers in DLAND, mine in DWORLD) and we both believe in Happily Ever After. It should come as no surprise to anyone that I asked her to talk about some of her favorite Disney memories & highlights. I hope you enjoy - please check out her fabulous blog after you're done!


Oh man I’m so excited to guest post for Whitney!

She and I found out how small the world really is when we figured out our connection!

She grew up with my cousin’s wife, Ashley from the Shine Project,

so therefore we are practically family ;)

Hahahahaha anyways!

Whitney wanted me to basically sum myself up,

and then divulge some fun Disneyland Adventures I had

When I worked there last year ;)

So here we go:

My husband and I got married last December

in the Mesa Arizona temple ;)

We had always talked about how cool it would be too have rain

on our wedding day since we live in AZ

Where it doesn’t rain like ever.

Lo and behold, it did hahaha

On to my Disneyland goodies!

When Andrew had about 6 months left is when I decided to go do an internship

at Disneyland to fulfill a lifelong dream I’d always had.

I was already working for the company,

and luckily I got into the competitive program.

(1000 applicants, only 160 admitted)

And it was awesome!

I worked in the stores on the East side:

Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, and ToonTown.

I trained in Tomorrowland so that’s the only costume

I have documented ;)

(but srsly, the jumpsuit in Toon Town I can live without ANY proof I wore it


Some of the things I got to do include:

-visit Walt’s apartment above the Firehouse

-go on a Fantasyland DarkRide tour with the lights on

(aka Peter Pan, Snow White, Pinnochio)

-see the new water show World of Color before guests could

-Space Mountain with the lights on

-visit the studios and the Disney archives

-be in the park with no guests

-met Geena Davis, Nicholas Cage, Kobe Bryant (meaniehead btw),

Christian Bale, and saw Halle Berry from a distance

-got to go inside the Dream Suite above Pirates of the Carribean

-learned so much about myself and working with others ;)

Now what I really wanna talk to you about is the Dream Suite above

Pirates of the Caribbean ride ;)

I know, picture overload!

And really, this is a FRACTION of all we took.

Basically we take an elevator above the ride and there it is!

Yes, those are tears in that picture of me outside it.

I was slightly emotional hahaha

It was an amazing experience!

There’s a master bedroom, “teen room”, and a kids room.

Kids room is the one with the train ;)

And the stars are above the tub in the bathroom!! ;)

Here are a couple last pictures from my CP days ;)

The one in front of the castle is the CP picture of all of us together,

The one with just me is where Andrew proposed! ;)

Yeah he proposed in front of the castle ;)

And the last one is at my graduation from the College Program ;)

Hope you all enjoyed!

Come visit me at Our Happily Ever After

And see more Disney fun! ;)


Mrs. Ali said...

Oh I'm so glad it all worked out!! I defintiely did overload thhis with pics hahahaha but it's way more fun that way ;)

Can't wait to have YOURS on my blog! ;)

Lauren said...

So amazing! That clock is beautiful. Did you ever learn how they select people to stay in the suite? Also did you eat at Club 33??

Mrs. Ali said...

They don't allow guests to stay there anymore but during the Year of a Million Dreams they would give one family everyday the opportunity to stay there overnight.

I never got to eat at Club 33 but I had friends that did, i was always jealous ;)

The Duty's said...

super cute!!!

jenna duty