Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's In a Name

I really like names, and thinking about what they mean.
Since I'm a writer of fiction, I'm always grasping at name ideas and concepts. I find it interesting that I often reuse the same names for various novels or spend hours contemplating a name that just fits for a character.

My mommasita named me Whitney. She often said she liked it because it was pretty and unique. I like it because of what it means.
Whitney: Old English name, meaning "White Island"

When I was about 12 I realized what that really meant. Sometimes I think my beliefs and strong moral values make me feel very alone. And sometimes, I even stand alone, among the tempest and waves that beat against me daily.

The color white is most often equated with purity in literature. Being pure and pure of heart often means standing alone in this world.

But guess what? You never are. :)

I also really like the name Whitney Willis.
Alliterations totally rock my world.
And it's a rock star name, yes?
This little guy makes you smile, right??
He sure makes me smile.


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Bunny said...

Didn't know you were into names, Whitney! Names are one of my hobbies. My blog is about name games, ifs you like, take a look.