Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dream a Little Dream

Once upon a time, there lived a young girl who was a dreamer.
At a very young age, she had dreams of becoming a famous actress, her name in lights and on everyone's lips. She could see herself, confident and poised up there accepting the Academy Award for her acting. Her dress was stunning, figure flawless and speech impeccable. Everyone loved her and wanting her autograph or even just a glimpse as she sauntered by.

This little girl kept those dreams bottled up deep within her heart, only occassionally pouring out her secrets to her journal.

But, a funny thing happened... those dreams changed.
Instead of a life-altering career, that girl began to plan her wedding. She started thinking of just what she wanted her future husband to look like. She dreamed of late nights, pouring out her soul to him and traveling the world together. He was her biggest dream, and she vowed to do everything she possibly could to find him.

This girl loved Disney. She watched the movies and cried every time when the princess finally met her prince. She dreamed of a fairy tale romance, and knew she would never, ever give up.

The girl grew up, and became a beautiful young woman. Despite insecurities and doubt, this girl knew who she was inside and was really going places. She set out to become the person her Heavenly Father would be proud of and dreamed just a little bigger.

This girl now dreamed of children. All she wanted more than anything was to be a mother, the most divine role she could think of on this earth.

Do you know how the story ends?

Her dreams come true.

Faith, patience, humility, love, obedience and more FAITH led her to her perfect path.

I hope you never, ever give up on your dreams, no matter how little or big or impossible they may seem. I've experienced my sadness, heartbreak and disillusionment through it all. But I still cling faithfully to the fact that everything I dream of can and WILL come true as I follow what I know to be true.


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