Sunday, May 29, 2011

Who's that in the mirror?

Sooo I wanna start sharing some fun Ellie stories.
Because 1. She is too adorable not to share stories about and 2. I want them written down somewhere! (Yes, I am basically her mother).

She is such a little goon.
Last week I put up a full-length mirror in my room.
Mind you, Ellie is only five pounds and very short, so she has never seen her reflection. She always amazes me with the things she notices. For instance, she will sit and watch TV with me, turn her head at strange sounds and also listen to me talk on the phone.

Well, she was fascinated by the mirror. She stared at herself for HOURS.
I would peek over at her and notice she was quietly growling and pouncing around, presumably playing with her new little friend.

I love that little girl.


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