Monday, March 21, 2011

Randall's Animals
This is the best day EVER.
I came into work and Britni showed me
video. Watch it. Now. Seriously.
I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants.

Then we found RANDALL on Twitter. Of, course, I had to tweet something about him.

So I said to follow him and that he completely made my day.

His response?

@wawillis = awww thank you love! Just saw yer blog! I LOVE it! You're marvelous ;) xoxo I too am "part of all that I have seen"


Please follow @wawillis 'cause she's sassy and the greatest :)
I am seriously smiling so big right now. I wish he was my best friend.

(umm, gotta include the honey badger... sassy lil' guy)

Sooo if @randallsanimals says my blog is awesome... it pretty much is. So follow me.


Miss Amy said...

maybe i'm way out of the loop....who the heck is Randall??

Whitney said...

this hilarious guy who loves animals and makes these videos... i just love him hahaha

Caley and Jason said...

oh man. this video almost killed me!