Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Day with Kelly!

I love Kelly Campbell.
This weekend she took a surprise trip to Phoenix, much to my happiness.
Even though it was just for a day, I do have a few favorite memories of it:

1. Ringing in Chinese New Year with fireworks and a dragon dance. What?
2. Babysitting together.
3. Going to Pita Jungle! (mmm)
4. Back tickles.
5. Discussing boys. Or men. Whatevs.
6. Singing together. Like legit singing. CD's coming soon.

She just has perfect timing.
Yesterday I wasn't feeling pretty or skinny or smart or special.
She waltzed in and told me how amazing I am.
And though I still have a hard time believing it, I am grateful for her trying all the same.

Love you miss! xoxo.

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