Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Please laugh. I did.

I hope this makes your day because it totally made mine.

So during my usual perusal/stalking session on Facebook today (are you judging me right now?) I came across my good friend Shinban Liu's page. Now, most of what Shinban says online is usually really funny. But today his status made me almost pee my pants.

It read: "Finally got the rest of my belongings out of my parent's old house. A "Book of Virtue," two old furbies and a unicycle. Wtf is wrong with my life?"

Oh my gosh I'm crying laughing as I write this. Maybe you have to know him. Or maybe you just have to break down the funniest part:

a) why does he still have TWO (not one, but two) old furbies
b) why is he taking them with him and not throwing/giving them away?
c) what the heck is he going to do with these two furbies?? and do they still even work?

The second funniest part is the "Book of Virtue." What?!! And a unicycle? Typical, typical.

Oh my gosh Shinban is going to hate me for this. But it's soo worth it.

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