Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don't be sad, get glad

Reasons why I'm emo:

  • I gained weight. And I can feel it.
  • My bangs make my face look fat. And young.
  • The waitress thought I was in high school.
  • Sometimes things hit me late. My recent male drama is hitting me all of a sudden. I struggle every day not to e-mail him.
  • Both of my car windows are still broken. I am waiting to get paid to buy the parts. My car is falling apart.
  • I feel stressed about $$
  • I have three HUGE zits on my face and in the most awkward places. Death.
  • I hate the doctor more than anything.
  • People need to watch what they say.

Reasons why I shouldn't be emo:

  • I saw the movie Catfish, and it was SO good (seriously, go see it).
  • Becoming Jane is a good movie.
  • My boss is the bomb dot com and so cool.
  • Mental health day.
  • Ellie gets sweeter and more well behaved every day. PLUS she has a Halloween sweater that says BOooo.
  • The weather is getting cooler and I love love love Fall/Winter clothing.
  • My friends are freakin amazing.
  • I am working positively toward good goals.
  • People care about me.
  • I am very blessed.

Shinban was right. I need mood stabilizers.


mandyyjayyy said...

I think that you are absolutely gorgeous, inside and out girl! Don't let the little things bother you, life is too short!!! Chin up...and "go with the flowwwwww":) Love you girl!

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