Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Keep Swimming!

The Lord has put so many incredible people in my life! You are all so wonderful, and I'm grateful for your love and righteous examples. Heavenly Father often answers prayers through others... and I think I'm slowly on my way to making big life decisions. I can't continue forward without writing a few of your inspiring messages down!

If you have had the opportunity to receive a patriarchal blessing, I encourage you to take time, sit down and study it. I don't mean just read it. Study. Thanks to Hilary (bless her heart) I have for the first time in my life actually done this! Questions to ask while you are studying:

-Are there any key words or phrases that jump out at me? What are they? Make a list.
-What is the vision of the woman (or man) the Lord wants me to be?
-What gifts and talents are mentioned?
-What opportuities will I have in this life?
-What blessings will I receive?
-What counsel and admonitions are given to me?
-What clues does the Lord give me about my personal mission in life?

Continuing on...

Amy Scerra is my visiting teaching companion, blogger extraordinaire and a great example to me. She always has words of wisdom and encouragement to share with me. What is her latest tidbit of awesomeness? Well, check it out here. Feeling a need to reinvent yourself is more natural than I thought! Through experience, we learn what is right and what suits us. I was especially inspired by the blogger's advice to not worry about the "how."

"Don’t worry about HOW it’s all going to happen. This will only stop you in your tracks. When we try to make the HOW happen, we aren’t allowing the Universe (and our soul!) do its work. We’re so busy opening up the oven to see how things are going, that nothing really gets cooking!

The true lesson of reinventing yourself is trust. You have to trust the power of your intention, and the power of this process. It’s easier said than done, but it never stops being the ultimate lesson!"

If we worry about all the little things, we muddle the process of reinvention. It is imperative to our happiness, and I'm grateful I'm learning all of this at a young age.

Something that has touched me profoundly was received in a message by a friend I have known a long time. She will remain nameless (I'm not sure if she wants her name shared) but please know you have helped me SO much! She said that I may not receive a definite answer from Heavenly Father on which direction to take my life. Both furthering my education and serving a mission are righteous goals and desires. In either scenario I will find ways to serve, grow and continue on my quest of self discovery. This really hit home, because I think it's 100% right.

Remember to live each day as if it were your last. I hope passing along some of this helps anyone out there.

P.S. I know all of my posts have been super spiritual and churchy lately. And I make no apologies. This is who I am and this has what has been on my mind. I'm grateful for all the prayers, love and support!
(A photo of Ellie for good measure)

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